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While You Wait

Iyata Anthony Adikpe
3 min readMay 9, 2021


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Hey Pal, as I write this, I’m waiting at a hospital, they say I need to wee-wee a little for some urine test, but I had just eased myself before coming here, I can’t cheat nature, so I have to wait. This gives me the final drive to put my philosophy on how to wait for processes that one does not have control over. Let’s get to it…

Time & its Essence

You can appreciate the fact that there are some things you can’t control. For instance, you can’t tell when God will bless you with a job or when your business opportunity will catch on or when you’ll be selected for that gig you’ve always dreamt and practised for, and so on. But while you wait, what are you doing with that fallow time actually? Time is precious. It is a ‘static constant’. It ticks, it ‘tocks’, it moves on its own. Einstein argued that it can be slowed down by speed, I believe him, but that is very relative, you need to have that speed/drive/urgency by yourself before that happens. So what do you do?

Tracking Time vs Marking Time

You either use time or it will use you. The world will always be in motion, everything moving closer to the grave to give space for the new. If you had a goal, time will always be limited, else, you’ll glide through it. Gliding is ‘marking time’, without a purpose. Marking time is bliss, but it is red kryptonite, it will hurt you later.

My Struggle with Time

When I sit, I feel I can achieve many things in a short time, but it’s not so in reality. I place specific hours to these wishes and 9 to 5 shrinks to only 3 activities quickly, I must prioritize else I’m doomed in my fight against time. That is tracking time. It reduces the amount of time you think you have to actual activities. These activities lead to objectives, to goals and then to purpose.

Controlling Time as You Wait

No one controls time, “there is time for everything”, as set by The Creator Himself. God. But you may control what you do within the space of time. You are free to desire and to aspire (lol, not the ‘aspire to perspire so that you can acquire before you retire’, lol). You can read, you can write (which is even more important than reading), you can plan, you can THINK, while you wait.

The Hack

My mum just called me and advised me to hurry slowly. That’s because someone snitched that I’ve been driving too fast to her. You know what, she’s my own Mother Mary, and what did Jesus do at the wedding feast at Cana? That’s by the way. She didn’t say I shouldn’t hurry, but just to do so slowly, with sense. You need to have a sense of urgency about life. Time is precious, don’t wait on any human being or system, only on God. And while you wait, be doing something productive, so that the bridegroom will meet you with some oil in your lantern, and with many extras left too.

PS: I later wee-weed, I didn’t complete this piece at the hospital, but I sure did 70% of it while waiting.

Au revoir!