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The Jingles of Sex

Iyata Anthony Adikpe
2 min readFeb 20, 2022


Halo my dear friend. Welcome back. I appreciate that you read my stuff, you’re amazing. Today is about sex. Aha, that grey area we rarely talk about without codes or slang to cover it up. People are naturally born with sexuality. I would be sharing my perspective on this subject in the next paragraphs. Please stay tuned.

The Origins

I wish I could go all scientific with this, but I’ll keep it simple: ‘Sex and sexuality are part of God’s gifts to man’. For those who subscribe to other schools of thought apart from religions: ‘Sex and sexuality is just part of people, we are born attracted to the opposite gender from ours’. The level of this attraction increases and decreases with age and knowledge. Uniqueness also exist in the extent to which sexuality is established in different individuals, some are on the high side (like me), others are moderate, and others have low sexual urges. Something they refer to as one’s libido.

The Energy in Sex

Napoleon Hill and Arthur R. Pell in their book: Think and Grow Rich described sex as the highest form of energy. Love isn’t as powerful as the energy contained in sex. It wields such power that just by mentioning the word ‘sex’, some hormonal changes or thought processes will be ignited. Mental images can be created and recreated. It is a beauty and fire that should be channelled appropriately. I’ll close this paragraph with a statistic reeled out in the book mentioned above: Most billionaires of the world hit their financial prime after the age of forty (40), after their sexual activity may have been significantly reduced. Think about this for a moment.

The Investment in Sex

I discussed with a smart dude, Abu, who responded to my question on ‘the greatest consequence of sex’. He said: “it’s A Child”. Not STDs, not sex addiction, but a child. An outcome that can easily pass as a blessing, and a lifetime responsibility. Keep this in mind as we round off in the next paragraph.

Channelling Sexual Energy

The morality of sex is defined by religion most of the time. Its practice is guided by conscience. I once drove a friend K to the hospital for a checkup and when he came out, he asked to drive the car, when I asked why, he said: “I need to let out some energy that’s why”. Both men and women have energies in them, which need to be managed. Depending on one’s aim in life, you may need to reflect on the previous two paragraphs and accept your own decisions. You will need to respond to your natural gifts of sex and sexuality at some point, but timing is key. Sex is an opportunity to be, and to bring to being.