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Religious Exclusivity

Iyata Anthony Adikpe



Padi mi (my friend), welcome back. It’s been a while. I’ve been procrastinating writing for some time now. There are a few topics I wish to touch on in the coming days, one of which is this, then sex, and relationships. Social stuff basically. So, let’s dive into this one.

My Religion is Special

Many who believe in the concept of God have a religion they follow as a guide. Chiefly, Christianity and Islam top the religious chart for me. Closely associated with this is the thought process of the believer that ‘their way of worship is it’. That the teachings/doctrines they adhere to is ‘the truth and are true’. I think this is normal human behaviour. People like to feel like what they have is the ‘original’ thing. To be clearer, many Christians think Jesus Christ is the only way to God, likewise Muslims when they revere the messages of Allah’s messages through His Prophet Mohammed. I acknowledge these perspectives and respect both. I however differ as we will see next.

Your Religion is not Special

In addition to religions, we have denominations and sects within most religions of the world. On the surface, you’ve got Catholics and Protestants. Muslims have the Sects like the Shi’ite and others. Who then is right? How do we know the authentic? They will all make references to their Holy Books. Who wrote these Scriptures? Why did they write them? What were the writers trying to achieve? These are questions that we need to ask from time to time.

The Universality of God

How is it possible for both Christians and Muslims to succeed in life’s endeavours? How come the same God gives All equal opportunities to receive His blessings? How do we know what will happen after life on earth? Why is knowledge present everywhere and in every person? How come Jesus performed many miracles in foreign lands to non-Jews? Why do Atheists have the capacity to love? I can keep asking many similar questions, but I’ll pause here for now.

The Exclusive Nature of People

People naturally like to be superior in thought. People theologize. Folks connect dots in the direction that suits their comfort. We explain what we understand. However, if you look at religions carefully then you’ll realize that most of the dictates may be born out of human rationalization. In the end, we are all right and hope to be alright. It’s more of a social problem than a divine one. People quarrelled at some point because of differing perspectives. Yet generations after, others buy the disputes with coins of faith. Your religion is cool, so is mine. We will all make heaven if we practiced Love.