Money: A thought.

Iyata Anthony Adikpe
3 min readMar 2, 2021

What is money?

Money is a carrier of time-value. In other words, money is a way of quantifying time. For me, time is the real deal here. Many say that money is not real; that it is an ‘idea’ (a thought) created by the rich, ‘consumed’ (accepted) by the masses and ‘regulated’ by the government. The rich actually create money (or wealth), the masses consume it, and the government tries to regulate it through markets.

How does money quantify time?

Simple. Spend your time in a particular way, doing certain things and you are rewarded with money, or the lack of it. These “things” I speak of include education, planning, praying, sleeping, thinking, etcetera, each having its own outcome, money, or the lack of it.

How does one then work for money?

It’s madness to do so, at least continuously. When you do a job for money, you are consuming the time-value which some people (a.k.a the rich) create through their thought processes. As their thinking changes, you either align with it or you get thrown out. If you work for the government, you’re working for those who regulate money, they don’t create it. Government income depends on how well (or not) those who create money think.

How can you have money work for you?

Simple. Think. Spend your ‘time’ on this activity and if your thoughts are on how to solve a people-problem, you most likely would end up with a product or a service at the end. You sell that product or service, those who ‘consume’ money work for it elsewhere and buy what you have with their earned income because they need it. You now have money. Your ‘thinking’ has worked for you through those who laboured to get money from jobs.

What then is wealth?

Wealth is a measure of idle-time. It is how long you can stay idle and still survive. If you had enough money to last you one week without working, you are “one week wealthy or rich”. You must always define wealth together with the period it can last. Not everyone that has ‘plenty of money’ is wealthy.

So who are the rich?

These are those who think. And as a result, get money, create a comfortable environment that enables them to think some more with that money and later pay others to do the thinking for them. The rich are wealthy as long as they continue to think enough to buy them idle-time.

How does one get money by giving?

There was no guarantee that your initial thought was going to be good enough, Someone gifted insight to you that resulted in a product or a service. That is God. When you give others, you are appreciating Him, so he will supply you with more insight, and voila, you think better!