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‘Catholics go yarn you as e be’: A systemic character of blunt honesty with love

Iyata Anthony Adikpe
2 min readSep 30, 2021



Welcome back, thanks for reading my articles always, I appreciate you a lot. This time, I’m sharing my experience from observing and interacting with Catholics. These people are special. I say this because of the level of realness I’ve seen in them. Let’s go through some of these reasons together, please.

Feedback for feedback

I have seen that a normal Catholic will respond to a person’s attitude exactly the way it is presented. If you complain about something the right way, you will get a favourable response, perhaps not immediately but the people and the Church as an institution always responds. If you shout or talk anyhow to them, you will be reminded that whatever is giving you such guts is temporal, only God is eternal, Oga park well Ma. If you do anyhow, you see anyhow.

Do the Right not your Likes

Not anything goes in the Catholic Church. Many things cannot be substituted for any other thing. For instance, only a ‘validly ordained Priest’ can celebrate Mass (i.e., lead worship involving the consecration of the Holy Communion). Even if you know the Bible more than the Pope, if you’re not a Priest, you can’t lead a Mass celebration. In the various associations/organizations/communities within the Church, the acceptable standards of those places are rarely altered, the order is always preserved.

Catholic Leaders & the Authorities

Commonly, special seats are never reserved for any dignitaries, neither the traditional nor the political. Except for events organized for invited guests (e.g., children, fundraises), else, everyone is treated as equals here, as it is believed to be in heaven. Priests and Bishops appreciate senior citizens when they do well and condemn bad behaviour to their faces. Whether you’re a country’s president or you are the Pope himself, you will get an objective response from Catholics. Countless times I’ve been scolded for mistakes I made not behind but to your face, if you like like, if you no like no like, just sha know.

The Religious and the Lay Faithful

In the Church, you’re a Religious (Priests and Nuns) or you’re a Lay faithful (not in the first category). The Priests guide the congregation for as long as the Bishop (i.e., the Top Leader) chooses to have you at a location. During a Priest’s time of service, if he does well, the people tell him, if not, they can report to the Bishop asap. If the Priest complains, the people may ignore initially but any discomforting attitude is pointed out either to him or to his Bishop. The respect is there but so are the limits.

In general, what you give, you may get back, quickly at that. Money, influence and position is never criteria for the Church. Cheers.